Sandwiches & Wraps:
are Sliced and each Half is Individually
Wrapped. An Assortment Includes Ham
& Swiss, Turkey & Swiss, Roast Beef &
Swiss, Chicken Breast & Swiss Tuna
Salad on Croissant, Chicken Salad on
Croissant, Homemade Pimiento on
Croissant, Vegetarian Wrap and Vegan
Meals. - Choose our Assortment or Your
Own Special Request - Special Dietary
Requirements can be labeled with the
individuals name on request
Sandwiches & Wraps:
Build-Your Own vs. Pre-made
We recommend premade sandwiches for
events of around 35 guests or more
because of the time it takes for guests to
make their own sandwich from the
Build-Your-Own Bar - alternatively, the
Build-Your-Own style works well for any
number of guests providing there are
several food stations; Also, with
Build-Your-Own, wraps are not available.