TW's-AFAB Catering - Event Planner
This is a guide to help you get started with your event. Some questions may not be applicable to
your particular situation; please answer all you can but do not worry about filling out this form
completely. The questions with an asterisk are neccessary for us to assist you.
* Type of Event:
Corporate Lunch , Dinner , Breakfast, Wedding, Private Party ,
Lunch , Dinner , Breakfast , Hors D'oeurves, Picnic, Anniversary ,
Birthday, Open House, etc.
If you do not have a location for your event we have a list of
available options on the FAQ link of the navigator bar.
Do you need us to provide entertainment?
Band, Quartet, Singer/Karaoke, Guitarist, Pianist - we have a list of
performers available on the FAQ link of the navigator bar.
Do you need us to provide decorations?
Flowers, Centerpieces, Streamers, Topiary, Arches, Balloons, Etc.
What type of service items do you need?
Real China, Glassware, Flatware, Linens or Disposable Ware,
Tables, Chairs, Lectern, Etc.
What type of meal service would you like?
Stand-up Buffet, Seated Buffet, Seated and Served
An explanation of these options is on the FAQ link of the
navigator bar.
What type of beverage service would you like?
Tea/Coffee, Pop, Open Bar, Cash Bar, Beer, Wine, Champagne,
Margarita Machine, etc.
How did you hear about us?
Web Search, Yellow Pages, Saw our name on a delivery vehicle,
Attended a function we catered, Friend or Colleague
The list of options from our website does not include everything we prepare - we can prepare any menu you
desire. We suggest that you select as many items as you like without concern toward cost. Often we can adjust
quantities and your menu selections in order to fit your budget. Selecting more than you need gives us room to
refine your menu into the perfect fit for your event.
We will contact
you in a few days
to discuss with you
our thoughts to
help make your
event completely
carefree and
exactly as you

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